Meet the farmers behind the bottles

Harvest 2023

Join us on a sensory journey through the heart of Palestine with our meticulously curated 2023 harvest collection. We are thrilled to introduce seven new bottles, each a symphony of flavors echoing the dedication and heritage of Palestinian olive oil. Our odyssey took us through the scenic landscapes, ancient olive groves, and traditional olive oil-making sanctuaries of extraordinary farmers. From the sun-kissed fields of Bazariya to the historic terrains of Aboud, the fertile orchards of Beit Jala, the rustic charm of Abu Snan, the bucolic beauty of Burka, and the serene olive groves of Nazareth. These bottles encapsulate not just olive oil but stories of resilience, tradition, and the enduring spirit of Palestinian farmers.



Naser Darawshi & Ghasan Makhoul

Proud owners of a thriving olive oil production center. Together, they masterfully blend a diverse collection of olive oils, harnessing the distinct characteristics of various olive varieties. This harvest season, delight your senses with two exceptional offerings—crafted from the revered Nabali olives and the bold Kalamata olives. Immerse yourself in the nuanced flavors of their labor of love, a testament to their dedication to producing exceptional olive oil.

Abu Snan

Farmer: Ahmad Nayef Al-Haj

Meet a farmer whose legacy spans over half a century, cultivating his land and crafting olive oil with unwavering pride. With a rich family tradition steeped in olive oil production, spanning generations, his commitment to excellence is unparalleled. Embracing both millstone and steel drum methods, he believes this dual approach imparts a unique twist to his olive oil, creating a product that stands out in quality and character.


Farmer: Abd-elsalam Albarghuti

His olive oil is famous for being the purest with the lowest acidity levels, drawing farmers from all over to learn from him. He has even created his own unique extraction method after mastering techniques from different professionals.

He has a passion for olive oil and its healing powers, believing that it should be cherished and preserved as a sacred gift from God. With over 100 years of family history in Aboud, he is working to keep the word of Palestinian Olive Oil luxurious and holy for generations to come.

Beit Jala

Farmer: Basheer Elsous

Meet the passionate farmer of Beit Jala's olive oil, who has dedicated his life to the land and the trees that have been part of his family for over 4 generations.

He works tirelessly to bring you the purest olive oil, using a combination of traditional and modern extraction methods. For him, olive trees are the roots of Palestinian culture and a symbol of the people's resilience.

He believes that knowledge of making olive oil should be shared freely, and he is always willing to teach. Join us in celebrating his love and dedication to the craft of producing the finest olive oil.


Farmer: Marwan Barqaui

Meet one of the youngest olive oil producers we've encountered. Collaborating with his uncle in the family production center, they inherited the legacy from his grandfather. During our visit, he proudly shared the history of the place, emphasizing how his grandfather crafted every aspect. His olive oil, created solely by millstones, is a testament to purity, offering a raw and natural taste that truly captures the essence of olives.


Farmer: Abed Oudi

Meet the passionate farmer of Bazariya's olive oil - a man who turned his dream of becoming an olive oil farmer into a reality. Working tirelessly, he learned how to grow, nurture, and treat olive trees with care. His first bottle of olive oil was a celebration and he works hard to ensure that anyone with a passion for olives can learn the art of olive oil making. For him, life in Bazariya is all about the serenity of the olives, and he wouldn't trade it for anything.


Farmer: Bajis Hussein

Introducing the olive oil farmer from Biddu Village, near Jerusalem, a living embodiment of Palestinian heritage.

With a family legacy spanning over two centuries, they've nurtured olive trees and crafted bi-products from this remarkable fruit for generations.

From the moment we met, he graciously extended authentic Palestinian hospitality, serving bowls of olive oil alongside Labaneh, Zaatar, and Pita bread, accompanied by fragrant tea, all while sharing his inspiring journey.

He passionately emphasizes the centrality of olives to Palestinian identity, as this fruit not only sustains life but also symbolizes the essence of their culture. Committed to preserving this profound connection, he strives to ensure that olives remain an enduring symbol of Palestinian resilience for generations to come.


Farmer: Muhammad Tahir Yasin.

A fourth-generation olive farmer from Nablus, embodies the rich agricultural heritage of his family. As the eldest, he manages the entire olive oil production process, ensuring the highest quality and authenticity. The secret lies in the fertile soil of Aseera and Yasin's commitment to traditional methods, such as same-day cold-pressing. The ancient olive trees, spanning 200 to 500 years, stand as a testament to the enduring legacy of the land. Through his dedication, Yasin preserves his family's tradition while sharing the essence of Nablus with the world.