Jerusalem Olive Oil

Grown on the hills of Jerusalem

A journey through the heart of Jerusalem with our exclusive Jerusalem Olive Oil, curated by Bajis Hussein, a custodian of tradition and taste deeply rooted in the land. Born into a lineage that spans generations, Bajis' connection to the olive groves around Jerusalem runs as deep as the ancient roots of the olive trees themselves.

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It was on a serendipitous visit to his humble abode that we first encountered Bajis, welcomed with warmth and hospitality as he regaled us with tales of his family's olive oil-making legacy. Savoring cups of fragrant tea brewed from herbs plucked from his own gardens, we listened intently as Bajis shared the sacred story of his olive oil – crafted with care and reverence from olives nurtured in the pristine, organic lands surrounding Jerusalem.

His passion for preserving the purity of the land and the integrity of his craft resonated deeply with us, igniting a shared vision to bring his exquisite olive oil to discerning palates worldwide. As stewards of this timeless tradition, we invite you to experience the essence of Jerusalem Olive Oil – a testament to the enduring spirit of Bajis Hussein's family heritage and the bountiful blessings of the land they call home.