Handcrafted Zaatar:
A Taste of Palestinian Culinary Pride

By: Ayda Aziz Sa'ada

Wild Zaatar

Handpicked wild zaatar is the sole ingredient in our authentic 100% zaatar blend

Local Producer

With a family history stretching across three generations, Ayda Aziz Sa'ada, a local producer, crafts this authentic blend.

How we met Ayda

Our quest to uncover the finest local flavors led us to Bidu village, where we sought out an esteemed olive oil farmer. As we strolled down the main street, a modest storefront caught our eye, and upon entering, we were greeted by the warm aroma of herbs and spices. There, behind the register, stood Ayda, the proprietor, surrounded by five large sacks of fragrant zaatar. Intrigued, we sampled her handcrafted blend and were instantly captivated by its authentic and robust flavors. Learning that Ayda was the masterful maker herself, we knew we had stumbled upon a true culinary gem. With a shared passion for preserving traditional recipes, we eagerly forged a partnership, ensuring that Ayda's exquisite zaatar would grace the shelves of our store, allowing us to share this local treasure with the world. Thank you, Ayda, for welcoming us into your world of artisanal flavors.

Our inspiration

Every bottle originates from a distinct Palestinian region, employing a unique extraction method, and narrated by a farmer with a one-of-a-kind story.