Nazareth's Embrace of the Mediterranean

Born in france, spain, and Italy - Cultivated in Palestine

Nestled in the heart of Nazareth, Palestine, Naser Darawshi is a dedicated olive oil producer whose passion for crafting exceptional olive oils knows no bounds. Together with his family, Naser embarked on a remarkable journey, bringing three distinct olive varieties—Picholine from France, Picual from Spain, and Coratina from Italy—to their new home in Nazareth.

With a commitment to 100% natural farming practices, Naser nurtures these trees using only rainwater and eschews the use of chemicals, allowing the olives to develop their unique flavors in harmony with the land.

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The Mediterranean climate is renowned for its suitability for olive cultivation, but in Palestine, these three olive varieties have found their ultimate home. The sun-drenched hills, cool sea breezes, and mineral-rich soil of Nazareth provide the perfect environment for these trees to thrive. The Picholine, Picual, and Coratina olives, each with their own distinct characteristics, have adapted beautifully to their new terroir, producing oils with unparalleled depth, complexity, and balance. The result is a true testament to the resilience and adaptability of these Mediterranean marvels.

Each of Naser Darawshi's olive oils offers a unique flavor profile and culinary experience. The Picholine olive oil, with its delicate fruitiness and hints of almond, is perfect for drizzling over fresh salads or as a finishing oil for grilled fish. The robust and pungent Picual olive oil is a bold choice for hearty stews, roasted meats, and flavorful dips. Finally, the Coratina olive oil, with its notes of fresh green grass and a delightful bitterness, is the ultimate companion for bruschetta, pasta dishes, and warm vegetables. These three olive oils, each grown and harvested in Nazareth, offer a truly global taste experience, allowing you to savor the essence of the Mediterranean in every drop.